The piper in peacetime

                                                                         Two minutes silence 


I have composed  "Salute to Queen and Country"  and it is on this page in electronic format*

It has been played at events shown in this section in the Royal British Legion fund-raising and public-awareness context.  The Herefordshire Jubilee celebrations included my rendition to the Queen.

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The tune salutes Her Majesty for the quality of her role in making the UK a better country to live in. It is mainly to commemorate those who gave their lives, and those who risk their lives, for Queen and country.

Here is the tune.  It is but a representation produced electronically using the Celtic Pipes software.   Later, there will be an audible version on this page which is hoped to sound like a bagpipe.



 Pipe bands play a variety of tune types.  When they are not marching, they form a circle and the Salute has been titled a Circle tune.  It has also been composed for use by lone-pipers.

Note for non-piping musicians.  The grace notes or twiddly notes don't affect the bar addition as they are to be ignored.  They, of course, "rob" the following proper note.  

See a list of Circle tunes here , second section - Sets are,on the right of the page.


If you would like a non-bagpipe score, please use the Contact page.


Here is the score for pipers:  The tune is set at 125 bpm and is a bww.file in Celtic Pipes 2.  Keen musicians will see that the audio-visual version above differs from the score.  That is being addressed. 


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