The piper in peacetime

 Celtic Pipes          

My first venture into bagpipe tune writing came in 2006 in preparation for the Centenary of Scouting the following year.  I used Bagpipe Player, a free download.  It served its purpose here.  The following year, I composed "The Flying Scotsman", played it at events etc but never committed it to paper. 

This, the year of the Queen's Jubilee in the UK, has seen the compilation of "Salute to Queen and Country" here. In anticipation of there being progress made in software since 2006, I found Celtic Pipes 2 and it is streets ahead of Bagpipe Player.

Once I had installed the software, £39, I found it simple to use in setting it up.  However, my I T skills are far less than average and help was needed.  Rod McCleod who wrote the software has been helpful all the way.