The piper in peacetime

 The bagpipe    The Royal Scottish Pipe Band Association has its own page here.

This secton will deal with the mechanics of the bagpipe.  For the moment, see here and here.  The RSPBA has its own page and many of its historical figures are within another society.

Piper at Edinburgh Castle.  Choosing a piper.and choice of uniform.



 The graphic is called "Bagpipe anatomy"

The lungs or belly is the bag and can be made of leather, Gortex or other material.  Some have a zip, others a drain for condensation but most do not. 



Glossary for the experienced reader.

Compare the two uses of "bagpipe/s".  The traditionalist refers to the instrument as bagpipe.  If a plural is needed, it may be in a sentence such as "John will be playing the pipes tonight."