The piper in peacetime

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 Event camping

Yes, generators are an important part of the events.  Bought various Machine Mart generators and they did not work.  More later.

I attend some six events a year. as a re-enactment piper.  Two or three involve staying between one night or four if it is a Bank Holiday weekend.  Most, over the years prove to be worthwhile once the visitors have gone. That introduces the social side of the events beyond interaction with visitors.  

For most re-enactors, the beer tent is the main interest.  I have played the pipes and have even led bouts of Scottish country dancing.  However, the small groups dotted around the site interested in specific veteran vehicles or other aspects of re-enactment are of equal interest to most re-enactors.  

Other aspects of camping at these events include:

  1.      Is there a small shop on site or nearby?
  2.      Is there music being played when you'd prefer it wasn't?
  3.      Is the ground satisfactory in wet weather or is it ploughed up by tanks etc?
  4.      Is water reasonably near - generally supplied in bowsers?
  5.      Is there electricity?  Mainly, there isn't and generators are used.
  6.      Are visitors allowed on site once the public has gone?  Is there a charge?
  7.      Do individual groups rope themselves off so that it's obvious others are unwelcome?
  8.      If you arrive in a non-military vehicle or a non-military tent, are you directed too far away from the main activities?  
  9.      Are camo-nets (camouflage nets) compulsory for non-military vehicles?
  10.      Do the organisers actually listen to the campers if things aren't right?


Generators can be problematic. The story now unfolds starting here.

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