The piper in peacetime


 If your event is for charity or includes charitable causes and within 50 miles of Ross-on-Wye, it's free and read no further.

We have a motorhome and advice as to where to put it will be appreciated.  As my wife is disabled and can't participate, it's hoped that she'll be able to see what's going on.  I am her carer and like to be near when I roam the site.

My prime activity, of course, is to raise money for charity.  I have travelled far and wide and not raised the matter of personal finance with some organisers until the 2012 season opened.  This is updated on 27 April 2014 and already some events have been attended where travel costs were not mentioned.  Of the events in the past several years, a minority has been a waste of my time due to insufficient use of what I  offered and what I thought I was programmed to carry out .  It is evident from that, that when a minority of organisers pay nothing, they may want nothing.

Events vary enormously and, inevitably, so does the ability of organisers to achieve worthwhile outcomes for the consumers who hope to enjoy the events, and the often large numbers of performers etc who help on the day or each day.  By far the vast majority of events are very worthwhile all round.  However, I have reached the point where my £ resources are challenged by the economic climate.  Combined with the probability of greater than 10% of arriving at an event and not having much to do, from now on - organisers may well be asked for a contribution to travel costs.

Let it be said that organisers of the Trowbridge event in 2012 were the most generous out of dozens of events I have supported over the years.

Another season opens.  Already, requests are coming in.  I can only emphasise that it saves time to provide info on how I can help.  

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