The piper in peacetime

Reel dancing

This page is for schools and young people groups interested in WW2 events. 

Lydney is in the Forest of Dean in Gloucestershire.  The outline serves as a possible model for similar events in any part of the country.

This page stems from 2006 when I played the bagpipe in WW2 Highlander uniform. School children in the guise of returning evacuees danced reels on the Lydney Dean Forest Railway Station platform. There was a 1940s weekend with lots of MVT re-enactment military vehicles and "services personnel".

I was involved in such a project in Norton Primary, a school near Gloucester. I visited pupils in re-enactment Highland piper uniform and explained the role. I taught them a few reels. There was a 1940s weekend at Dean Forest Railway and they arrived as returning evacuees from Scotland with their name-tags and gasmasks. They performed their reels. Photos follow on this page.

Here are three photos which capture the spirit of the 1940s weekend reels. Sorry I'm prominent but the photos were handed to me after the event and I had no part in their taking. Focus on the children. They have returned from time as evacueees in Scotland under piper and RAF guard.

I can visit schools/interest groups to repeat what I did at Norton Primary (no website at present). 




Wee Tommy Brown has his name-tag round his neck. They are still at the age when boys dance with boys and vice versa.

And from here to the eager arms of their parents! This is reel dancing!

As mentioned elsewhere, I am a re-enactment WW2 Cameron Highlander Piper and have never been a soldier.

Prof Alan Harrison Website author