The piper in peacetime

St Michael's Hospice - ceilidh - 9 March 2013 at the Green Dragon, Hereford. 


Hospice staff are keen ceilidh enthusiasts and will keep you on your toes!


All the graphics are from the Internet but you get the picture.  The musicians are all shy!

There'll be a piper.

The menu includes chicken curry, salad, and icecream,  Not the normal food for such an event.

How much do you pay? 

£18 per person

How much will be raised?

£8 goes on food, £10 goes to St Michael's.  Help find 100 people and ........

£1000 will go to the hospice

What will the money be used for? 

St Michael's Hospice's website is where you will find information about the specialist care we give to individuals who have a life limiting illness and the support and services we offer to their families and friends. You will help them by attending the ceilidh.   


Why not wear something to add to the occasion?

No need to wear the full regalia.  Just a tartan tie or bow will contribute to a good atmosphere. 

Otherwise, come as you are.



What is there to think about? 

A night out with your family/friends and with others all looking to enjoy themselves.

All for just £18!  And for a worthy cause.

Let's shake hands on it!      

No need for personal info now that its all over.