The piper in peacetime

Military re-enactment events

A page for organisers which sets out how I might be of use.  I have been involved with a lot of fund-raising events and there are examples in this section of the website.

The Military Vehicle Trust (MVT) is a good source of 

events.  Another source. Explore  IMPS    more   

Wider afield,   The Vintage and Military Amateur Radio Society  and similar societies support such events.



The aim of this page is to acquaint event organisers with my availablility to support their events.

The potential is itemised A - H.  Distance and £ are covered under G and J 

When emailing etc, just refer to B1, C3 etc to keep things brief.

To summarise, the possibilities are:


  1. Play the pipes at the opening, during the event and at its closure.
  2. Offer display boards with material from here.


The opening

Some events don't have an opening and when they do, I can:

  1. Lead the "opener" in to the sound of the pipes.
  2. Open the event if there is nobody more suitable.


During the event, I can:

  1. Play while roaming the event, answering questions, responding to tune requests, etc as I go.
  2. Be part of the arena events.
  3. Pipe on a convoy vehicle when it roams the surrounding area (sometimes before the event starts)
  4. Man the display boards and talk to the visitors
  5. Run sing-songs. See the song-sheet.
  6. Play in the evening(s) - members only see also No. 5


Participation in arena events:

  1. Lead convoys in and out
  2. Be on board a suitable vehicle as the announcer interviews passengers.
  3. Perform during battles.  On occcasions, I have been shot dead.


The display boards

  1. Would be tailored to the theme of the event.
  2. Would include the British Legion when appropriate.  See my website.
  3. See  C/4


Event closing session/ceremony:

  1. Lead convoys in and out
  2. Play a moving pipe tune such as my new "Salute to Queen and Country." on this  page.
  3. Very appropriate when a retired officer draws the event to a close, after inspecting the troops and vehicles



We live near Hereford, we have a motorhome and can travel c 100 miles to two/three day events. One day events are also possible. more. 




  1. Numerous WW1 & 2 CDs can be loaned
  2. Information sheets can be brought



Nothing as it looks like a 1




  1. Preliminary comment here.
  2. It varies.  If a solely charitable event, I often charge nothing.  Long distances and we can talk.
  3. If an Armed Forces charity is the main beneficiary, I am likely to charge nothing.  Long distances and we can talk
  4. I am not personally involved with Help for Heroes  and similar charitiesin the same way as the British Legion  and my website but the principle still applies.


 Here's a few suggestions to read first - E3:


  •  Potential contributors member-units and their stories
  • Before WW1        medals
  • WW1   
  • End of an old song   
  • Piper E J Dawson
  • Piper James Richardson
  • WW2   My uniform is Cameron Highlander Piper
  • Duty Tunes get them out of bed early in the morning !
  • Contact    

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