The piper in peacetime

 My uniform

The photo was taken at a 1940s weekend at Dean Forest Railway in 2006.  more    

The headgear is a Tam O' Shanter.  The cap badge is shown here.  I'm looking for a blue plume - more correctly termed hackle.

More general WW2 Cameron pics here.

The photo below in front of an Army trailer was taken on 9 September 2013 at a re-enactment event.  


The puttees are shown in close-up. 


The badges are on both shoulders.  The "S" is, I believe, wrong.

The HD = HIghland Division here  The yellow badge is made of a brass-like metal.  

The stripes are for corporal.  It is difficult to assess which way up and where they should appear.  Since sewing the corporal badges as above, it seems certain that piper badges in the WWs were worn on the lower arm and they are inverted.  See the lower picture.

       This sporran shows 1934 inside. I added a collar 



      The sporran in the photo above is a modern day-


Never mind wysiwyg, it's a matter of what you see in the militaria shop or on the Internet.  Availability of Scottish militaria is at an all-time low. 

You see that I'm re-enacting at a higher level  -  Pipe Major.  

 Moving up the right arm, you notice that the previous "Camerons" patch is now in the singular.  The HD and the tartan piece are interchanged.

Probably more controversial is the new Pipe Major's badge - right arm only.  It looks too new to be of the WWs.   

 When it's too hot to wear the battle-top, a lighter shirt can be worn.  So far, I have these badges on bioth arms and the inverted stripes are on the sleeve.  The Cameron item is unavailable so far.

The bagpipe yellow metal badge on such thin material is unlikely.  I've found one in cloth -  seen below and one similar for the other arm.

This is the belt buckle. 


Source of photo on the right.   Fred East isn't wearing the full plaid.  I don't wear the full bonnet.

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         On the left is a dress sporran which I bought here.

          Compare the figure with the one on the belt 


          I wear the dress sporran with the full plaid and 

          spats.   A bit like here.  Note the stripes.